kinda weird

How will you define a guy carrying his girlfriend's handbag????? i want to know if carrying handbags does not make them look gay or not macho..hahahah....

if it's ok to you guys, are we saying "real man do carry handbag"????
aku pkir kalu die gentlemen xkan wat mcm 2..betol x????

However, not on those stereotypical ones who consider it as a sign of being a gentlemen with a girl????? please la....hv an another ways to show their love.......

i don't see the point of you bringing a handbag if you have the intention to let ur boyfriend carry it for you (+_+)....

it leave me wondering what's inside their girlfriend handbag??? letak batu ke apa?????hahahah... may be missiles?frying pans? (mna la tau nk masak kat mall..hahah) so heavy that their guys need to do the unnecessary for another word CARRY THEM FOR YOU(refer to girlfriend.. =) )

it might be sweet to some people, and disgusting to others. Personally, i won't let my boyfriend carry my handbag. even seberat mana pun my handbag..hehehe

before nie, i said that byk ways to show their love....To me, that's not the case. I take the soul connection.. ceh wah...hehehehe...for example.... we sharing of dreams of ideals (kalu partner aku nk la..haha).... walking along the same line and supporting each other..(^_^)

if people asking me ko bagi x pakwe ko bawak handbag ko????
the BEST answer is......

aku tahu some people will only look at my boyfriend in a bad light ( ish awek die 2, xtau bawak beg sendiri ke?????) i know cause i've heard some people who observed guys carrying their girlfriends' bag say that the guy looked like henpecked boyfriend and I don't want my boyfriend to be labelled such.

The only time i ask some help to hold my bag if I'm going to the ladies room and i knoe i won't be needing stuff from my bag.. except my lips gloss..hehehehe...

notice : rasa geli pun ada who carrying their girlfriend's handbag...plz la....kalu jumpe kat mall..memg jadi bualan/mengumpat/mengata/gosip between me and my partner..heheheh

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