Yikes! I have finals coming up soon, and I
don’t even know where to start! :) :) :)
First, let’s review some tips for exam final preparation.... i got this tips from sources that can be trusted.. :)
  • Start early. Preparation for finals begins even BEFORE the actual week of final exams. You cannot cram an entire quarter or semester’s worth of information into one or two nights of studying.

  • Predict exam questions using as possible questions the textbook headings, class notes, and previous quizzes and exams.

  • Review the main points, especially those you find most difficult to recall.

  • As a rule of thumb, go through the main headings of the text or your notes and see if you can remember the content.

  • For the week before and during exams, life should be as normal as possible and normal habits of sleeping, eating, exercising, etc. should be maintained. You need at least four hours of sleep a night to function. College finals are designed to make you think. If you are sleep deprived, you won’t be able to comprehend (or answer) the challenging questions you will face.

  • Arrive early and choose a seat where latecomers will not disturb you. Stop cramming five minutes before the test. Use this time before the test to relax, catch your breath, and take a minute to get focused. By cramming until the last 30 seconds before you sit down to take the exam, you will more than likely just confuse yourself or walk into a wall trying to read and get to your desk.

  • Look over the entire exam to see how long it is, which parts count more in scoring, or which parts may be easier to answer or require more time.

  • Answer the easy questions first! Attack only one question at a time without worrying about the ones to come.

  • Remain calm after the exam. Even if you think you did horribly, worrying about it afterwards will not change a thing; it may however, effect how you do on you other finals. Keep your head up and move on to the next exam.

  • Study your favorite subject last and the one you dread first. Devote more time to a subject in which you are not strong in

from the statement juz stated above, some of tips i have followed it, some of it not in my habit...hehehe.. :) it depend on ur habit or attitude whether it suitable or comfortable with ur life.... u should know about urself... :)

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